Affordable, quality healthcare for all.

At a time when Donald Trump wants to cut Medicare by over $500B, I’m the candidate in this race with hands-on healthcare experience who has stood up to the pharmaceutical companies who are ripping off families and seniors - and I will fight him every step of the way. I will not rest until we acknowledge that living in the greatest country in the world comes with the responsibility to take care of our neighbors and to make healthcare a human right. That means:

  • Using collective bargaining power to lower the cost of prescription drugs.
  • Prioritizing the opioid epidemic, and holding the drug companies accountable.
  • Acknowledging and investing in mental health care.

A world-class education for every student.

Generations ago, America made a commitment to give every child the education they need to obtain a good-paying job. It’s time to restore that commitment. Betsy Devos has looted our education system, and let corporations siphon taxpayer money from our schools. I’m a proud product of Novi public schools, and the one candidate in this race with a STEM education. I’ve created thousands of good-paying jobs, and can advocate for the resources teachers and students need to prepare our kids for a changing economy. That means:

  • Preventing for-profit charter schools from receiving a single dime of tax-payer money.
  • Reducing crushing student loan debt for parents and students.
  • Empowering every student to pursue higher education or community college, and making it impossible to work full-time and still feel poor.

A return to decency.

In Donald Trump’s America, we’re being divided into two camps, and pitted against each other every day. But in this country, we are better than that. We know that decency and strength are not opposing values. We can have both. I’m a lifelong progressive who has fought special interest groups, created jobs, and delivered healthcare to working families. I’m also the son of Ford Motor Company’s first female engineer, and the father of two little girls, ages 1 and 5. I want to see them grow up in a world that feels safe and empowering for women. That means:

  • Preventing the use of tax-payer money to sweep bad behavior underneath the rug.
  • Demanding that women receive equal pay for equal work, and access to affordable child care and family leave.
  • Fighting tooth-and-nail for common-sense gun legislation, and reversing the tide of Citizens United so that the NRA and large corporations can no longer drown out the voices of families.