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Build Your Energy and the Energy of People Around You

Business Class: Suneel Gupta on Redefining Success | American Express

What’s Good for You is Good for Business

5 Minute Breaks Renew Energy

Turning Buyers into Builders

Managing Stressful Environments

Building Emotional Runway

What Makes You Come Alive?

Failure Launches a Passion

Fall in Love with the Problem First

What Kind of Energy Are You Bringing?

Find Your Gift and Give it Away

Resetting Exercise

Help During Tough Times Enhances Well-Being

How Mastery Creates Buy-In

Inspiring to Create Change

Take a Gratitude Break

Switching the Spotlight

The Power of the Earned Secret

Play the Game of Now

Who’s in Your Circle of Trust?

Decisions Made When You’re Not in the Room

Creating Founder Level Ownership

Interactive Networking Exercise

5 Minute Breaks Renew Energy

Speech Overview – Get Backable: Why Some Ideas Move Ahead While Others Get Ignored

Speech Overview – Momentum: Accelerate Your Performance Without The Burnout