What Audiences are Saying

Great speakers do more than perform. They inspire their audience to be better and do better, entertaining them along the way. The measure of Suneel’s success is best summed up by the words of people he’s inspired.

Praise for Speaking

“Suneel left our team smarter and ready to innovate.”

Sona Chawla, Chief Marketing Officer, Walgreens

“Thought-provoking and inspiring. He resonated deeply with our audience.”

Sterling Shea, Global Head of Wealth, Dow Jones

“Highly entertaining and substantive. After Suneel's talk, we thought differently about change.”

Steve Muench, Senior Vice President of HARMAN International

“A bright spot at our conference. His lively keynote kept everyone in the audience engaged!”

Deborah Scally, Editor, Corporate Board Magazine

“Remarkable! Extremely valuable! You ignited discussions that sparked fresh, creative ideas.”

Sulema Peterson , SACRS Executive Director, SACRS

“Suneel brought to life the concept of innovation.”

Dan Roiter, Senior Consultant, Deloitte Consulting

“Everyone needs to hear this message. We can all be brokers of ideas and you have to have support to turn those ideas into reality.”

Mike Dorsey, Vice President, The Association of Union Constructors

“A master at storytelling.  Delivered his personal experiences in a relatable way that captivated us right out of the gates.  Left us wanting to hear more and motivated to explore new ideas."

Pete Newcomb, Senior Vice President, Critical Care

"We brought Suneel in to speak to our portfolio executives and deliver a fresh outlook for leading  through chaotic times. We were dazzled from the start and took notes non-stop. The talk was packed with fresh insights and non-obvious takeaways that we could put into practice that same day. I’d highly recommend bringing Suneel to your next leadership event.”

Partner, ABS Capital Partners

Praise for WRITING

“This book is catching fire! So many people are coming out of #COVID wanting to launch new ventures. This book is a great guide, full of pearls of wisdom. #Backable 🔥 🔥 🔥”  
- Van Jones, CNN Host

"This is the quality I look for most in leaders and entrepreneurs. Whether you want to get ahead inside a company or build a startup from the ground up, this fascinating book is a must-read."
- Reid Hoffman, Cofounder of Linkedin

"The most exceptional people aren't just brilliant -- they're backable."
-Daniel Pink, #1 NY Times besteslling author of Drive

"This book is truly brave. I felt like I was sitting with Suneel as he unveiled secret steps that anyone can take to stand out and achieve their dreams."
- Reshma Saujani, Founder of Girls Who Code

"Being backable isn’t just for celebrities and CEOs. It’s a required skill for anyone who is trying to make it in the world. This book will change the trajectory of careers, launch new ideas into the world, and inspire cocktail party conversation for years to come."
- Jennifer Aaker, Professor, Stanford Business School

"This book demystifies the “x-factor” I look for in anyone I work with. Whether you’re building a movie or a company, this indispensable guide will change how the world sees you—and how you see yourself."
- Brian Grazer, Oscar-winning producer

“Backable provides a super-readable and actionable look at how to make your ideas take flight. Whether you're pitching a brand-new startup or an idea for your company's next product, you'll find a wealth of insights and stories throughout.”
- Mike Krieger, Cofounder of Instagram

“The best founders and leaders don’t just have great ideas, they know how to inspire other people to take a chance on them. Suneel Gupta reveals the secret steps anyone can use to become Backable.”
-Amy Chang, EVP at Cisco